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Jack and Jenn go adventure traveling and bring back funny stories, great advice and tips!

8 Ways to Pass the Time on a Long Flight
Flying is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of some downtime. We all know flying isn’t the most fun thing to do (especially coming back from a vacation) but rather than complain and be miserable, there are some great ways to keep distracted. Sometimes flights offer movies and games (and even trivia to win prizes [...]
30 Pictures that will Make You Book Your Next Flight to Marrakech
Marrakech has a special place in my heart. You know why? I am actually Moroccan! It's one of my favorite party facts about myself. My grandparents (from both sides) are from Morocco. My mom's side is from Marrakech, so this trip was to see my grandma and celebrate Passover together as a big fat Moroccan [...]
How to Photograph the Northern Lights in Alaska
One of the biggest reasons we decided to go to Alaska during winter was to see the Northern Lights. And let us tell you, IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. You can see the phenomenal Aurora Borealis in Alaska, just a short flight from California. It's a rare experience, but well worth waking up in the middle [...]
11 Things To Do In Alaska During Winter
When we planned to travel to Alaska in hopes of seeing bears and kayaking within glaciers and heli dog sled. However, these were all summer activities (bears are in hibernation). Originally, we were pretty bummed because those were a few of the activities we wanted to do but since we were traveling during winter it [...]
Photo Diary: Pictures of Alaska
Alaska is a winter wanderland! Frosty branches, incredible wildlife, big snow capped mountains, and beautiful road ways for the ultimate roadtrip - Alaska is easily one of the most stunning destinations we have ever been to. In order to do this place justice, here are 30 pictures of Alaska that will make you want to book [...]
How to dress for Alaska in Winter
When we told people from back home (good ol’ warm Los Angeles) we were going to Alaska in winter, every person said the same thing. “YOU ARE GOING TO FREEZE, IT’S SO COLD.” We kinda just pushed this back and thought to our selves, they are just LA wimps used to the 52 F winters [...]
10 Things you need to know before you travel to China
China, is arguably, a fabulous tourist destination. The vastness of the region, the myriad Oriental culture, and different societal set-up can ruffle even the most seasoned travellers on their first visit here. When one embarks on a journey to China, it is often advised to be prepared for the unexpected and be ready to be [...]
5 Budget Travel Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss
  Not only are people looking for holidays now days, they are also looking for life-changing adventures that don't cost an arm and a leg. This can be a 1-month trip, a year-long trip or even in extreme cases a 5+ year trip. Of course, this becomes financially difficult. That is what we have thrown together some budget travel tips [...]
Holiday Gifts for Travelers
It's the holiday season and you know what that means?! It's time for GIFTS AND GIFT GIVING!! If you are stuck on coming up with the ultimate gift for the traveler in your life, we are here to help! This is also (maybe) a way for Jack to see what I want for the holidays [...]
11 Best Grand Canyon Adventures
We had the privilege to visit one of the world’s most amazing natural wonders in the world, The Grand Canyon, for my birthday!! The Grand Canyon was nothing short of spectacular. I mean, you can see it in pictures, but the sheer size and the views are absolutely breath-taking. And who knew there would be [...]
Southeast Asia Attraction Checklist Book

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