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Reviews, recommendations and advice on travel products and services we have used. Some have been good experiences others not so much. Only carry the most trustworthy travel gear!

8 Ways to Pass the Time on a Long Flight
Flying is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of some downtime. We all know flying isn’t the most fun thing to do (especially coming back from a vacation) but rather than complain and be miserable, there are some great ways to keep distracted. Sometimes flights offer movies and games (and even trivia to win prizes [...]
6 Fun Travel Accessories for your next trip
We love to use fun travel accessories in all our travels! Some are purely for the Instagrams and some are actually for convenience (and we just think “How did we not think of that?”). We get everything from a cute towel, to a cord roll, to a cocktail kit. Here are a few fun travel [...]
How to dress for Alaska in Winter
When we told people from back home (good ol’ warm Los Angeles) we were going to Alaska in winter, every person said the same thing. “YOU ARE GOING TO FREEZE, IT’S SO COLD.” We kinda just pushed this back and thought to our selves, they are just LA wimps used to the 52 F winters [...]
Holiday Gifts for Travelers
It's the holiday season and you know what that means?! It's time for GIFTS AND GIFT GIVING!! If you are stuck on coming up with the ultimate gift for the traveler in your life, we are here to help! This is also (maybe) a way for Jack to see what I want for the holidays [...]
How to use Groupon for your Travels
If you know me, I am always on Groupon trying to get the next deal. Whether it’s a dinner date with the handsome, a deal with for a new camera, or even a trip, Groupon has saved me plenty of money in all aspects of my life! When I lived in Australia, Melbourne prices were [...]
Travel Giveaway Pack
Exclusive Travel GIVEAWAY Hi guys! We have some exciting news! We have partnered with a bunch of awesome travel companies to bring you the ultimate travel pack. We are giving away a selection of hand picked products that will make your next adventure that much better! Headphones, sunnies, a travel scarf and more! Check out [...]
5 Best Apps for Traveling
Unlike our grandparents, we have the fortune to have a pocket computer companion with us every step of our journey when we travel. Not only can we call people from our smartphones, but we can also download apps that can do just about anything a developer thinks of. Checking on various appointments, flight times and [...]
Travel Gift Ideas for the Holiday
  It’s that time of year again! Yes, that’s right, Hannukah and Christmas are right around the corner! The time where we spend all our money on gifts for others instead of flights for ourselves. How nice are we? Now, we have to think of what gift to get who and secretly hint at what [...]
Best Share Economy Websites for Travelers
What was the biggest lesson we were taught as kids? It was to learn to share! Now the concept of sharing has been adapted into business models today-the share economy- making it easily accessible, cheaper, friendly, and a convenient way for travelers to use “unused” goods and services. So the question that's asked is, "Why buy [...]
Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Traveling Couples

  It’s that time of year again where couples have to publicly show how much they love each other. The one day during the year that you have to shower your other half with gifts, a fancy dinner, chocolates and flowers because if you don’t, people will judge you. So you are probably looking for some ideas […]

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