marrakech photo diary

Marrakech has a special place in my heart. You know why? I am actually Moroccan! It’s one of my favorite party facts about myself. My grandparents (from both sides) are from Morocco. My mom’s side is from Marrakech, so this trip was to see my grandma and celebrate Passover together as a big fat Moroccan family.

Marrakech is easily one of the most magical places we have been to. It’s filled with culture and history, with a charming mixture of old and new buildings. Bustling streets, incredibly tasty food (this is when I can say, it tastes like home!), and all the orangey, clay buildings. Oh, and the tea! Wow, Moroccan mint tea is THE BEST.

Anyways, apart from the family background indulgence and cultural history dive, Marrakech is one of the most beautiful cities, and we think these pictures will convince you to book your next flight there!

Explore marrakech tea

Explore marrakech riad

Explore marrakech ben youssef

explore marrakech purse

explore marrakech palais

explore marrakch mamounia

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explore marrakech shoes

explore marrakech flower ruins

Explore marrakech barrage

Explore marrakech roses

explore marrakech bahia

explore marrakech window

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