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Things To Do In Park City
Utah has always been one of our favorite vacation spots during winter AND summer! (Fun fact, we used to go in the summer as well and go do fun lake things!) Located only a short 30ish miles away from Salt Lake City, Park City has created some amazing memories for us! The best months to [...]
How to Photograph the Northern Lights in Alaska
One of the biggest reasons we decided to go to Alaska during winter was to see the Northern Lights. And let us tell you, IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. You can see the phenomenal Aurora Borealis in Alaska, just a short flight from California. It's a rare experience, but well worth waking up in the middle [...]
11 Things To Do In Alaska During Winter
When we planned to travel to Alaska in hopes of seeing bears and kayaking within glaciers and heli dog sled. However, these were all summer activities (bears are in hibernation). Originally, we were pretty bummed because those were a few of the activities we wanted to do but since we were traveling during winter it [...]
Photo Diary: Pictures of Alaska
Alaska is a winter wanderland! Frosty branches, incredible wildlife, big snow capped mountains, and beautiful road ways for the ultimate roadtrip - Alaska is easily one of the most stunning destinations we have ever been to. In order to do this place justice, here are 30 pictures of Alaska that will make you want to book [...]
11 Best Grand Canyon Adventures
We had the privilege to visit one of the world’s most amazing natural wonders in the world, The Grand Canyon, for my birthday!! The Grand Canyon was nothing short of spectacular. I mean, you can see it in pictures, but the sheer size and the views are absolutely breath-taking. And who knew there would be [...]
Big Sur City Guide
Big Sur is easily one of our favorite road trips from LA! It’s about 300 miles from LA (and 150 south of San Francisco) along the famous scenic One Highway. It is one of most amazing coastlines and wild hikes California has to offer. Apart from the unsurpassed natural beauty from driving along the coast, [...]
A Taste of Seattle: Pike Place Market with Eat Seattle
We are a big fan of food. I mean, who isn’t? We think that the best way to explore part of a cities culture is through the food, and when Seattle has an amazing market like Pike Place, we had get a true taste of Seattle. Thankfully, there are some other food lovers out there [...]
Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons in Morro Bay
For Jack’s 25th birthday, I took him on a BIG SURprise! In case you didn’t get my unbelievably clever pun, I surprised him in Big Sur. To cut our 6 hour drive short, we stopped by Morro Bay for the day. Morro Bay is really stunning and peaceful. It has beautiful sandy beaches, great land [...]
Roberts Hawaii Circle Island Tour
Ive been to Hawaii before, but never in Oahu. Jack has never been to Hawaii at all! With such a short amount of time, we wanted to experience the best spots of the island and we got to do so with Roberts Hawaii Circle Island tour. What better way to see the island and get [...]
Newport Beach Wine Tasting Orange Coast Winery
Los Angeles is an amazing place to be in since it is so centrally located to everything. You can go to the beach one weekend, snow the next, and heck, lets make a trip to Vegas. One of my favorite weekend trips was my birthday weekend, a trip to Newport Beach where we explored wine tasting [...]
Southeast Asia Attraction Checklist Book

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