Yellow Mountain Range Huangshan

After a long night of no sleep on our horrible train ride to Huang Shan, the last thing we wanted to do was hike the Yellow Mountains. However, we only had one day here so we sucked it up and went straight there. We are very happy we went straight from the station to the mountains because the Yellow Mountains were so mystical and picturesque. It almost seemed unreal to be up there. We can totally understand why Avatar has found its inspiration here!

The Yellow Mountains is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Southern Anhui Province in China. It is quite a touristy place, understandably so. The mountains unique shape was created over a 100 years ago, carved by glaciers over time. The Yellow Mountains are renown for its incredible scenery, sunsets above an array of peculiar mountains, and its granite peaks covered in lush pine trees. We went on April 29th, and the weather was quite nice and brisk (due to the elevation, it is colder and wetter in the mountains). The best time to go is in June or July.

Yellow Mountains Cable Car

People say it is always nice to look up at mountains, but not these ones-the best view was looking down! Jack wanted to see the fog spread through the mountains so the only visible part was the tip. Unfortunately but fortunately, we had a clear day with no clouds and no rain! Apparently, the best time to witness that is at dusk.

We were up in the mountains for about 6 hours, which wasn’t nearly enough to trek the whole thing. We were only able to do maybe like 15% of the mountain!  So getting there by dusk would make a great day at the Yellow Mountains.

Yellow Mountains View-Who Needs Maps

Yellow Mountains Who-Needs Maps

There are a few things you could do at the Yellow Mountains:

1 — You can take a tour with people and an English speaking guide to take you around some parts of the mountains. They will tell you all about the history of the rock formations and the city itself.

2 — You can camp up at the mountains to see more of the trek than you would in one day.

3 — Apparently, seeing the sunrise and sunset is just a whole different and must do experience on the mountains.

4 — If you live the luxurious life, there is a really beautiful hotel that you can stay at that is encompassed by the mountains. Sipping some coffee in the morning while the sunrise happens above the peaks sounds quite nice!

5 — If you really like adventure, you can do the worlds most dangerous hike!

Yellow Mountains Top Things To Do

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