Rice Wine Mouse Shots in Hong Kong!


Baby Mice Rice Wine sounds just as gross as it is. This wine is popular in both Korea and China as a “health tonic” with medicinal properties, thought to cure liver disease and other ailments. To make this wine, baby mice are taken at 2-3 days old, ALIVE, with their eyes barely opened and totally hairless, and stuffed into a bottle of rice wine. Typically, these mice are left to ferment in the wine for a year in order to get that lovely brewing baby mouse taste.

Yum… However, it is not like snake wine where there is usually just one (ish) snake per bottle, but rather quite a few mice (or a better way to look at it, a mouse per shot). The rice wine mouse shot is said to be so potent and strong, that just one can get you high or even knock you to the ground.

This is why I (Jack) decided it would be a good idea to test this out this myth. For those of you that though this sounded horrible it tastes just as bad as it sounds. It was like drinking a dirty glass of water hoping that the mouse would not touch your throat. Thankfully the whole experience was over in under 3 seconds and I was still alive the next morning.

 For those of you looking to try one of these fabulous delicacies you can actually buy the Mouse Rice Wine at very specific vendors in  Hong Kong, usually ones in allies and at night markets. If you are just looking for a single shot Jack took his at Billy Boozers a very local pub in Kowloon Tong.

Have you had any crazy drinks? What were they?


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