It’s that time of year again where couples have to publicly show how much they love each other. The one day during the year that you have to shower your other half with gifts, a fancy dinner, chocolates and flowers because if you don’t, people will judge you. So you are probably looking for some ideas for valentines day presents, huh?

As travelers, those typical Valentines Day gifts aren’t needed, we get travel gifts because, let’s be real, travel gifts are forever better than just some romantic dinner or roses. You can do that any day of the year (not to sound bitter or anything)!

Our favorite day of the year? February 15. Why? Because all chocolates are half off! Now, that’s real love- rather than buying 1 expensive box, you get 2 for the same price!

Anyways, here are list of his and her travel gifts for this Valentines day! Much love xx


Travel Gift Ideas For Valentines Day – HIM


1.Travel socks

Men always need a good pair of travel socks. They’re high quality, comfortable, and totally stylish! Jack loves a good pair of socks. We like jewelry and men like socks.


2.Shaving kit         

The Art of Shaving has some really sexy travel shaving kits for your man. They come with pre shave oil, shaving cream, a fancy little brush, and after shave in several different wonderful scents. Pick a good one so your man can woo you with his manly scent!


3.Herschel Laptop Sleeves

These laptop cases are super stylish, high quality, and protects your computer. They have some super cool designs that we are sure your man will love! We have quite a few Herschel products and stick %100 by them.


4.Earbud Organizer

This is a great gift to help your man get organized with some his electronics. It keeps his earbuds untangled while looking super cool crafted with rustic Indian rosewood. He would love to receive these as a gift!


5.Around the World Watch

This is one sleek, cool looking ‘around the world’ watch. It is affordable, stylish, and a great reminder to see the world. It’s time for an adventure! Get it? Time?… ok, I’ll stop.

travel gift ideas for valentines day-watch

How cool is this watch?!


Travel Gift Ideas For Valentines Day – HER


6.Mini emergency kit

I think we always advocate for these PINCH kits. The mini emergency kit is a fun little pouch filled with all kinds of emergency goodies. They are fun and pretty useful to have while you are traveling! There is no doubt she would love these!


7.Herschel Backpacks

These backpacks are strong, durable, fit loads of things, looks cute and is a must have when you are traveling. You might as well have fun on your adventures and look good while doing it!

travel gift ideas for valentines day-herschel backpack

Cute Herschel Backpack


8.Travel themed jewelry

All girls love jewelry, so why not make it travel themed? There are some super cute paper airplane/plane/world necklaces out there that would truly make her smile. Etsy has a few really special travel necklaces every female traveler would love!

gift ideas for valentines day


9.Cosmetic Bag

These cosmetic bags are perfect to carry along during all her travels. They are well made, fun, feminine, and have a bit of attitude! She will be sure to laugh every time she uses it.

Valentines travel gift Cosmetic bag

“You’re never too old to try something stupid”



Print out your most memorable photo from your trip together! Not only will she gush for sentimental reasons, but she will really appreciate all the efforts you went through to get such a great and personal gift. It is always nice to have a constant reminder of “that one time in…”


Better yet, rather than spending money on material things, why not buy each other PLANE TICKETS! I mean, we’re all travelers here and we do love to travel places! It almost seems too perfect…


Wishing you lovelies a wonderful Valentines day filled with plenty of wonderful travel moments!

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