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With the New Years coming in, we figured it would be good to share our New Years resolution on how to save money to travel more. Whether it’s saving money during your travels or for your travels, there are so many little tips and tricks out there that can easily stretch your dollar! And you know what stretching your dollar means? MORE ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES!!!

Here are a few of our favorites ways on how to save money to travel more.

1. Use the Share Economy

Using the Share Economy is one of the easiest and most social ways to save money! Carpooling, AirBnB, EatWith, Roomorama, Bonappetour, Uber and so much more, the share economy has helped travelers travel cheaper, save money, and meet new people. Essentially, you are renting/using other peoples idle goods (yay, supporting locals!!) rather than buying!

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2. Take advantage of free stays

What better way to save than your accommodation being free! Couchsurfing, WOOFing, Hospitality Club, friends houses, and host families can all help cut the costs of spending on accommodation. Accommodation is easily the biggest way to rack up costs so you should always see if you know someone who will be willing to host you for a night or two! Also, always check facebook groups in case things are booked out–the kindness of other travelers will surprise you! Apart from a free stay, you get to meet some incredible people and see how the locals live!

3. Last minute deal apps

There are so many apps and sites out there that are revolutionizing the way we book. Planning a spontaneous trip? Car broke down in a different city? Skyscanner, Hotel Tonight, LastMinute.com and Get Air help are a few sites that give you cheaper prices for last minutes deals. And fun fact, most hotels want to book EVERY night so if there is a space available the night of, you are most likely going to get a cheaper discount.

4. Base your travels on strong exchange rates

The more known and more touristy cities are, the higher chance it will be more expensive. Take advantage of countries that have incredible exchange rates like (as of December 2015 from America) Australia, Greece, Vietnam, or Mexico. The US dollar is really strong, so make the most of the exchange rate. Your dollar will stretch far! **and writing this, we are currently in AU, a country that has always been so expensive to travel to for us and it has been really cheap in comparison for what it normally is! Exchange rate for the win!

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5. Tourism Cards

Tourism cards are handy when traveling as they help save on your travels. Tourism cards are easily obtainable. They can be found online, at local tourist shops, department stores, and City information booths.. They include savings on shopping, attractions, tourist hot spots, hop on hop off busses, and even public transportation. You definitely save loads of money if you love the tourist hotspots!

6. Sign up for air fare deals

I have become the fare queen at work and I lOVE when people get the flights I send around! We are big fans of signing up for to airline news letters for exclusive savings like Airfare watchdog, Fanfare, American Airlines, AirAsia or Virgin airlines. By signing up, you get exclusive airfare deals right to your mailbox! Plus, the spontaneity of booking a cheap flight on a whim is exhilarating!

7. Travel in groups

In most countries, the more people you have in a tour/activity, the cheaper it will be for you. Splitting things like gas, food for cookups, organized tours will be cheaper amongst more people. Think about it- a tour costs $100. Between 2 people that is $50 each, between 4 it’s $25. And hey, the more the merrier, right? We always love company.

How to make friends while traveling

8. Be Flexible

The more flexible you are, the more wiggle room there are in prices for flights. I religiously stalk and wanderlust over flight deals on Sherman Travels, Secret Flying, Dans Deals, Flight Deals and Great Value Vacation. Through these platforms, you will find the best and most jaw dropping deals on flights. Most are error fares or early flights during a certain time frame but at least you’ll save at least $200+ on trips!

9. Work for Goods and Services

Many hostels welcome travelers to work in exchange for accommodation and parties. We used to volunteer at music festivals for free festival tickets. Work promotional work to get into sporting games. Sometimes, if you are willing to put in a bit of work, your reward will be high!

10. Enjoy the free tourism sites and activities

Many tourist sites are free so walk around the city, roam the hotspots and save money on some tourist attractions. Most places offer free museums admission, comedy shows, and events on certain days. We love comedy so we would always attend a free comedy show in LA to entertain us on the cheap!

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11. Never Eat in Tourist Areas and Try to Cook your own Meals

Food is one of the highest expenditures while traveling. If you eat in western/toursity areas, the cost will be almost double what it should be. And to be honest, probably not as tasty and authentic. Always ask a local or head a few blocks back from the tourist areas and you’ll find some great gems! If your airbnb/hostel/hotel has a kitchen, COOK! Cooking your own meals lasts longer, tastes better (sometimes), is cheaper, and promotes bonding with your partner and friends. I always stuck to the classic PB&J.

12. Use Groupon

Groupon has easily saved us a pretty penny or two. When we traveled, especially those countries that are more expensive (France, AU…) simple things like sight seeing and going out to dinner aren’t the cheapest. We would find deals that would cut a 3 course meal and wine in HALF or a brewery tour with 8 beers and steak for $20. Even at home, we use Groupon to go see a USC football game! Using Groupon (or the equivalent) can save you so much more than you can imagine!

Do you have any tips on saving money? What are your favorites?


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