The best gift ideas for travelers

Hanukkah and Christmas are coming up and you know what that means? Gifts! Some of these picks are travel essentials and some are just for the travel nerd, either way your friends will be very happy to receive one of these over the holidays. So if you are struggling for gift ideas for travelers, we have hand selected a list of the coolest and best gifts for your travel addicted friends or family (or us, if you want to spoil us too! ;) ). Enjoy and happy holidays!


For the Wanderluster

Wall Decals

We are all travelers at heart, so a wall decal of the world is great reminder of the places we have and the ones we have yet to go! It even comes with the google map location stickers to mark the places you have been. Plus, it makes your room look super nice and gives it the touch of a travelers heart. Or you could go for the chalkboard version and write your favorite travel quotes on it!


Sticker World Map - gift ideas for travelers

A Map Wall Decal with Google Pins!


World Chalkboard Map_Gift Ideas for Travelers

A chalkboard Map wall decal


Scratch off Map Poster

We love the ideas of “been there maps”, showing off the places you have been to and which you have yet to go. The scratch off map is an interactive and fun way of keeping track of your travels. It is like a visual travel diary! This is the perfect gift for your wanderluster friend! if you are feeling naughty and want one for yourself, let us know how many places can you scratch off?


Travel Poster

Who doesn’t like a good travel quote? This is a cute to remind you of our love for travel and a piece of motivation to travel more. It is always a nice touch to a home… hey, maybe it will even compliment the world wall decal! :)



Scratch off journal

How about a cute little travel journal that comes with some scratch off maps to log your adventure? You can write notes, plan trips, mark off where you have been (in all countries!). This Travelogue journal is fun, cute, and a great alternative to ordinary journal.

Travel Journal Booklet - gift ideas for travelers


For the Practical Traveler

Travel Journal

Immortalize your travel adventures and write all your travel memories down. It is a truly wonderful keepsake of all your amazing adventures and misadventures (we had a lot of those!). These are especially great if you are a blogger, that way you can remember all the trips and tips to pass on to your followers.




Passport Holder

A passport holder is an essential when traveling to keep everything organized. So why not get a friend/family a really nice holder to keep with them on their adventures? There are some really beautiful and fun ones out there to get as a gift. Make the way you organize your travel exciting!





What an awesome backpack, right? It is a cute backpack with a fun design of wanderlust and adventure. Use it for travels or school or even work to show everyone that you (or a friend) are truly a world traveler at heart!


Mini Emergency Kit

The mini emergency kit is a fun little pouch filled with emergency goodies. There are emergency kits for men, women, brides and even bridesmaids! They include things like a sewing kit, bandaids, advil, breath strips, lip balm, stain remover and much more. They are fun and pretty useful to have while you are traveling!

Her Travel Essentials


The Gadgets Fiend


We bought a GoPro for our adventures in Southeast Asia and it was hands down the best purchase we made! It was awesome for underwater trips too! We bought the GoPole as well to use as our selfie stick and to avoid the awkward (short) arm in the pictures. It is perfect for everyone, like a photographer or that one adventure friend that would do anything!

Power banks

We are huge advocates for power banks. We had them everywhere while we traveled to ensure everything was charged (cameras, kindle, phone..). Even if you don’t want to get it for a friends, get one for yourself! They are so useful and super helpful when traveling and even for just being on the road! Check out our favorite power banks that you might want to gift for that techie friend of yours!



A Kindle is great to have so you can read on those long bus rides, flights, or even on the beach! It also is light to carry instead of all those heavy books. It has all books and even travel guidebooks at low prices (or even free!!!!) ! A kindle is a great gift to chill out and relax with and perfect for every book nerd.



Grid Gadget Organizer

The Grid Gadget organizer is perfect for any traveler–it helps with organizing all your electronics and personal gadgets. It is slim so it can fit in any suitcase or backpack, helps avoid all messy wire tangles, and it is easy to find everything!  There are tons of configurations to do with the band, making organization cleaner and easier. It is a great gift for that messy/techie traveler!





A Happy Hanukkah from Jenn and a Merry Christmas from Jack :)!

Happy holidays and Happy travels! xx



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