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For the most part, travellers want to spend as little time as possible in airports due to their hectic, and stressful environment. There are days, however, that it’s inevitable that travellers will have to stay in these facilities. If you find yourself stuck in an airport, check out some airport perks which will help you ease the whole process.

Airport Lounges

Contrary to what most people believe, airport lounges aren’t only for the elite. If you know your way around, you can score discounted, or even free access to airport lounges. There are different ways to do it and this varies depending on the airport and/or airline, but nonetheless, passing the time in style and comfort is much better than just sitting near the boarding gates.

There are also alternative, independent airport lounges such as Airspace in Baltimore-Washington International which has an all-day pass for $20. It has recreational areas, refreshments, and relaxation spaces. Other similar facilities even have spas and gaming rooms.

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Kids can eat free

When you’re with children and hunger sets in, how about letting kids eat for free? Heathrow Airport in London has select restaurants that allow children to eat for free. Of course, the restaurants will need at least one paying adult, but if you’re travelling with children, having free meals will save a considerable amount. Note that this isn’t all year round so you have to check with the airport which restaurants are listed and if your travel dates coincide with the availing period.

Try sleeping in a pod!

If you need some rest before or after a flight or even in between a layover, you can take a nap or sleep for hours in pod-like rooms in airports. London Heathrow also has ‘sleeping pods’ that can let you snooze away while waiting for your next flight. It’s not a relatively new concept and many airports have sleeping pods, but some people still seem to ignore what’s in front of them.

Book a hotel near the airport

Another option is to book in with a hotel, not necessarily inside, but near the airport. This will work well for those who have a car. For instance, there are airport hotels with on-site parking in the UK which cater to travellers who had to drive the night before the flight, or who arrived but have a long drive ahead of them. Everyone knows that driving while you’re tired and sleepy is very dangerous, so these hotels aim to alleviate that problem.

Be a kid again!

If you want more unique experiences, there’s The Slide@T3 in Singapore Changi Airport which sends passengers spiraling down 4-storys in a brief moment of fun. If you think this is only for little kids, think again. It’s a good way to de-stress.

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Switzerland’s Zurich Airport has nature conservation areas around wherein you can express your nature-loving side. You can hire a bicycle in the airport terminals or just walk through the trails.

In Germany, Munich Airport has an indoor ice-skating rink and a beer garden. Germany is famous for beer after all. Of course, just don’t drink too much; else you won’t be able to take your flight.

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Try some unique activities

There are many other amenities unique to different airports such as an e-book library in Taiwan’s Taoyuan International, a yoga room in San Francisco International, flight simulators in Hong Kong International’s Aviation Discovery Center, and even a golf course in Incheon International in South Korea.

Before you go to the airport, do some research so that you can get the most out of your visit. If an unexpected delay occurs, it won’t hurt to ask customer service for places such as those mentioned above, rather than just staying at the waiting area pulling on your hair as you cuss in disappointment.

Waiting for a flight gets frustrating. Fortunately, airport management companies are aware of it that’s why they keep on adding these perks for the benefit of flyers.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

What are your favorite airport perks!?


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