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We love our coffee. Sorry, Jack LOVES coffee, I just tag along and drink mocha’s, the sad pathetic cousin of  what Jack drinks, a real flat white. Jack finds coffee in America to be sweet, overly milky, poured in large cups, and not very strong. And its true- once you’ve tried an Aussie coffee, it’s hard to go back to Starbucks.

As an Aussie in the States, Jack struggles to find good coffee. Third wave coffee chops are making their way to LA. But worry not! We have found the top 8 Los Angeles coffee shops that satisfies the Aussies coffee craving. And yes, with great flat whites!  #AussieApprovedCoffee


1. Manhattan Beach Yacht Club

This is our favorite place for a coffee in Los Angeles.  Not only is it great coffee but the view is not too shabby. All the way in Manhattan Beach, MBYC is a special place. Coffee, beach, and sun. What more can you want! These guys actually have a flat white on their menu, which is a rarity in Los Angeles. If you want a good coffee, this is the best spot!

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Los Angeles coffee shops mbyc


2. Bar Nine

Los Angeles coffee shops bar nine


Bar Nine is a cute little coffee shop tucked away in Culver City. They roast their own beans, but on top of that offer some great coffee, avocado toast, some wifi and a great atmosphere to work in. They provide A+ service with quality and fresh ingredients. It is a great spot if you are in the area.

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3. Andante

Andante is a great spot to do a bit of work while having a great coffee. These guys roast their own beans, make awesome coffee art, and have some mean tasty pastries. Not to mention, there is lots of free wifi! We love getting our coffee fix here and knocking out a bit of Who Needs Maps posts! :)

[vc_progress_bar values=”85|Taste,75|Price,60|Food,90|Work and Wifi friendly,92|Overall Rating” bgcolor=”bar_blue” options=”animated”]

Los Angeles coffee shops andante




4. Commissary

(323) 782-1465

Coffee Commissary was one of the first to start the third wave coffee shop trend. The coffees are silky and strong, and they even have some Aussie baristas so you know it must be decent! There is plenty of free wifi to get some work down while knocking back a good coffee. Their sizes can be large, so if you want something more concentrated ask for a smaller cup!

[vc_progress_bar values=”80|Taste,70|Price,65|Food,86|Work and Wifi friendly,82|Overall Rating” bgcolor=”bar_blue” options=”animated”]

5. Longshot

Longshot is a tasty little hidden gem in the West Hollywood library owned by a wonderful Australian. (Can you spot the trend, yet? :)). Longshot makes the perfect Melbournian breakfast–a mean flat white with avo smash (aka avocado toast)! These guys know how to make it right!

[vc_progress_bar values=”87|Taste,79|Price,86|Food,75|Work and Wifi friendly,90|Overall Rating” bgcolor=”bar_blue” options=”animated”]


Los Angeles coffee shops longshot


6. Intelligentcia

Los Angeles coffee shops intelligencia

Intelligentcia is like every hipsters coffee shop dream! We like the one in Abbot Kinney as the the atmosphere and layout is really cool and relaxing. They use pour over methods to make their coffee and it tastes strong and delicious. If you aren’t in the mood for coffee, their tea selection is on par!

[vc_progress_bar values=”90|Taste,45|Price,55|Food,79|Work and Wifi friendly,93|Overall Rating” bgcolor=”bar_blue” options=”animated”]




7. Cognoscenti

We love Culver City especially because they have great coffee shops like Cognoscenti! It is a quiet coffee shop with wifi as strong as the coffee. It’s a great shop to do some work and escape the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. They use quality ingredients to make a quality coffee!

[vc_progress_bar values=”90|Taste,60|Price,40|Food,90|Work and Wifi friendly,93|Overall Rating” bgcolor=”bar_blue” options=”animated”]

Los Angeles coffee shops cognoscenti




8. Gjusta

Los Angeles coffee shops gjusta

Gjusta is great for an unbelievable lunch and a spot on coffee. Mind you, they don’t have any mochas- they don’t mess around with American style coffee, and that’s why they rock! Strong, bitter, and delicious coffees. Get lunch while you are here, because it is seriously one of the best!

[vc_progress_bar values=”90|Taste,45|Price,98|Food,15|Work and Wifi friendly,83|Overall Rating” bgcolor=”bar_blue” options=”animated”]


320 Sunset Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90291


If you don’t have time to get a coffee, you can always pick some up at the grocery store. There are some really great coffees on the go! Especially when coming from LA, cold brews usually feel great with this heat.

Kohana Coffee- We love our Kohana Coffee (whether for a pre-work pick me up, or a late night espresso martini), Kohana Coffee does the trick! I prefer the latte and Jack prefers the cold Black. Really shows our cultural differences, hey?

Zola Coconut water Coffee- If you don’t like dairy (or can’t have it), Zolo coconut coffee water is one of our favorites! It definitely has the right amount of a caffeine pick me up without making you feel heavy and full.

best coffee in LA kohana

best coffee in la zolo

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What are your favorite coffee shops in LA? We’re taking recommendations!! :)

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