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We hope that by now you know that Who Needs Maps is a couple travel blog (that would be awkward if you didn’t)! We truly believe that before you commit to your partner, you need to travel with them because travel really makes or breaks a relationship.

Traveling is amazing fun when you get to explore new places, different cultures and encounter unbelievable situations all with your partner. It shows you a different side to your partner and you learn so much about each other. Despite the continuous bickering, 24/7 company and lack of privacy, traveling with your can work and even strengthen a relationship (like it does for ours!).

Traveling with your partner can work and we have a few travel blogging couples that we love that prove it! Follow their success in their relationships, learn from their mistakes they have made, and enjoy the time with your partner when you travel. Embrace the world together :)

Flying the Nest

Jess and Stephen are some of our favorite travel bloggers, which we had the tremendous pleasure of meeting them. With a daily dose of inspiration, Stephen and Jess keep us entertained with their awesome vlogs, amazing videos of endlessly exploring, insightful travel posts, and updates on the their own travel experiences.

You will not find a more down to earth, humbled, and entertaining travel blogging couple than these guys. They show us how fun traveling with your partner can be and give us a peek into the life of Jess and Stephen traveling together. Follow them as they travel around the US, Canada, and many more.

couple travel blog - flying the nest

Two Monkeys Travel

We love Kach and John! Not only are they an international couple like us (John is from the UK and Kach is from the Philippines), but they have an amazing travel blog, work hard, and are willing to do anything to help their followers.

Their kindness shows through in every email, every response, and every picture. They are so unbelievably genuine and their hard work shines through. Together, they are both TEFL certified and have started the #BackpackerTeacher campaign. Follow their adventures through Costa Rica and Antarctica (so unbelievably jealous!!)!

Thank you both for proving to everyone that a relationship from two totally different countries can work and be incredibly fun.

couple travel blog - two monkeys travel

Two Bad Tourists

LGBT Travel is something we would love to see more of and we love Auston and David for that. Auston and David have been married for over 4 years and travel all over the world and share festivals, events, and gay friendly destinations.

Thanks to Auston and David for being fearless and “bad” travelers and sharing your stories with us. There is an “expected” way to travel and then there is Auston and David’s way, and we hands down love their way of traveling the world a lot more!

Keep on conquering the world and inspiring your readers to get out there and travel, guys! Join them in their adventures around Spain!

couple travel blog - two bad tourists

Goats On the Road

The Canadian duo, Nick and Dariece, have conquered the world and have created an awesome blog for us to follow all at the same time. These guys are willing to travel nearly everywhere like Iran and Uzbekistan! Sounds pretty cool, huh?

Well if you want to travel to off the beaten path places, they would definitely know! They have fantastic stories, beautiful photography, and love the next adventure. Follow them as they travel their way through Mexico, Cuba, and South America!


My Tan Feet

Yeison and Samantha met while volunteering in Central America. They have done a few years long distance and used travel and relocation to be together.

They have bettered their lives and their relationship using travel as a foundation. MyTanFeet shares stories as a multicultural couple, with a “digital nomad” lifestyle exploring the world together.

Their stories are interesting, fun, entertaining, and full of adventure! Thank you for proving long distance and multicultural couple can work. Follow them on their next adventures!

couple travel blog - my tan feet

Thank you for inspiring other people to travel the world with their partners (and even finding their partners in a distant country!). You have proven to the world that traveling with your partner isn’t all bad! Embrace the world, TOGETHER!


Do you travel with your partner? How did it go?

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17 thoughts on “Top 5 Couple Travel Blog’s

    1. Jenn Malka Post author

      Aw beautiful! People think were crazy we travel together (my dad even said if I survived Southeast Asia with Jack, then you know hes a keeper) HA! Love to head that you have made it work! We look forward to reading your adventures!

    1. Jenn Malka Post author

      Aw thank you! US to AU is so tough isnt it! but youre making it work and you are an inspiration! We cant wait to follow your adventures, and the best of luck to you :)

  1. Josh

    Great list of couple bloggers. My wife Liz and I have been traveling on the road for nearly a year and are currently living and working in China. Glad that we found you two and will be following along. Cheers!


  2. Lexi

    As one half of a couple I’d find myself reading more and more couple blogs as they’re so relate-able!

    I feel like travelling as a couple can either make or break your relationship.
    I couldn’t imagine travelling with Steven (my fiance) for an extended period of time if we argued the whole time.

    I think my favourite parts of travelling together are having someone to take photos of me and (less superficially) to have someone there through the hard and annoying moments of travel.

    1. Jenn Malka Post author

      So happy to hear that :) it definitely makes or breaks it but im happy you guys are going strong! I dont think I could have traveled Asia without Jack!! Its nice to have the company and security.

  3. Zoe

    I just had a wee peek at a few of these blogs, and boy do they look awesome! I have never seen anything like Auston and David’s blog, and I join you in the call for more! And I am so jealous of those two Canadian goats ;). Sometime in the future, I hope to go to those places that people deem as ‘dangerous’, and push my nose up at them.
    Thanks for the compilation guys!
    xX Zoe |

  4. Sabine

    Great list of couples travel bloggers!! All 5 of them I am following already and thanks to that I just discovered your blog and it looks great :)
    Being one half of a couples blog (international couples blog) it is always interesting to see and read how other couples travel and blog about it. Thanks for the share.

    1. Jenn Malka Post author

      Oh thank you so much for following!! Well have to check out your blog as well!! We love getting to know other traveling couples. keep on kicking couple traveling butt!! :)

  5. Miranda - The Common Wanderer

    Love this list! We’re almost halfway through a 10 month trip before we end up in the UK for a couple of years – and we’re loving it. People thought we were crazy when we left our homes, jobs, etc in Aus, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

    It’s so true that if you can survive travelling (and blogging!) together you can survive anything. It’s all about that compromise and being there for each other!
    Looking forward to following along with your journey :)

  6. Tracey

    Awesome list, love finding other traveling couples, as a semi-nomadic couple it’s always interesting to see the paths other couples take. Also nice to highlight couples travel as it seems to be an industry of mainly solo female travelers out there.

  7. Lily

    I am Vietnamese and it is so great to read your comments about Vietnam. Proud to be a part of and welcome you here. There are still a lot of things must to do, wish you would travel back to write more about us.


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