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Hamilton Island Australia – Travelers Guide
"The Wittiest Sunday of Them All" No serious globetrotter’s passport is complete without an Australia stamp in it, and Hamilton Island is a gem worth putting on your bucket list. Located in the Whitsunday Islands off the coast of Queensland, it lies 551 miles (887km) north of Brisbane and 318 miles (512km) southeast of Cairns. [...]
5 Best Apps for Traveling
Unlike our grandparents, we have the fortune to have a pocket computer companion with us every step of our journey when we travel. Not only can we call people from our smartphones, but we can also download apps that can do just about anything a developer thinks of. Checking on various appointments, flight times and [...]
The Ultimate City Guide to Yangshuo, Guilin

We ended our China stint with a few days in Yangshuo, Guilin, which turned out to be our favorite place in China! The scenery, the mountains, the lovely smell of tea, the limestone karst that encompass the river, the hikes- it was all so surreal. Yangshuo is a quaint little city in Guilin, China, about a […]

The Lively City of Beijing

Beijing was quite a beautiful and interesting city. We only had three days in Beijing which was not nearly enough to scratch the surface, but we were still able to fit in a lot. Also, things took a lot longer and were more crowded  in Beijing during the time we went because we happened to […]

Motorbike Tour in Vietnam

Lê Family Riders – Motorbike Tour in Vietnam We try to base our trip on peoples recommendations rather than by guide books. Lucky for us, we were recommended by a few friends to do the Le Family Rider motorbike tour in Vietnam from Hue to Hoi An by motorbike and said it was one of the […]

Swimming With Whale Sharks
Swimming with whale sharks! Swimming with whale sharks was on our Southeast Asia bucket list. And we did it! We booked our tour with our hostel, Tr3ats Guesthouse, and we could not have expected a better day. We got everything we paid for and more! The tour cost the two of us 9,600 Pisos, or about $210 [...]
Southeast Asia Attraction Checklist Book

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