“It’s ok, you’re on vacation!” “Enjoy, you’ll work it off when you get home.”

The few statements that can easily make you gain 10 pounds. A drink here, some ice cream there, lay on the beach all day long.

It all adds up.

Jack and I are very into our health and fitness, more so Jack really (I lurveeee my sweets and carbs too much), but we like to (attempt) to keep fit and take care of our bodies, especially when we are traveling. But when you travel, your fitness and health routine suddenly becomes unfamiliar. On top of having Crohn’s diseases, finding proper foods to eat and working out while away makes staying fit and healthy is very difficult.

What path should you run? Where can you get a protein shake? Can I get this gluten-free and with soy milk? What about arm day? It becomes tough and confusing to your body! But there are ways to keep fit and maintain your health while traveling. We both lost weight while we were away because we were able to incorporate workouts into our daily travels without disrupting our traveling and activities!

We have compiled some tips and activities that will keep your butts moving and in shape while traveling! That way you can maximize your views and experiences without taking any time out from your journey.

Here are our favorite tips and activities to help you stay in shape when you’re on the road.


Almost every place we go to has an amazing hike. Or at least we look for places that have amazing hikes. And you know what a hike means? Cardio with a nice rewarding view! Wooo!! The view! And yes, your glutes will thank you too. Some of our favorite hikes were the Lions Back hike in Hong Kong, TV Tower in Yanghuo, China, Big Sur, The Great Wall of China and to the top of the famous Koh Phi Phi view in Thailand.

Yangshuo TV Tower_Fitness While Traveling_Who Needs Maps

Hong Kong_Lions Back Hike_Fitness While Traveling

grand canyon adventures angels landing

Enjoy a nice swim or snorkel

Swimming is one of the best exercises for your core and it is also a great way to improve your breathing! We did several snorkel trips that required a fair bit of swimming to see all the amazing marine life. We definitely try to find a way to snorkel in the countries we visit, there are just so many incredible benefits to it aside from the work out! 

We also swam with the whale sharks, and if you are terrified of the whale sharks like I am, it becomes more like frantic dog paddling (a great arm work out). We have snorkeled the Gili Islands and saw turtles, The Great Barrier Reef, Cozumel in Mexico and Koh Phi Phi where we swam at Maya Bay aka “The Beach”!

Things to do in the Philippines dive with whale sharks

How to keep fit while traveling cozumel
Philippines Travel_Who Needs Maps

Go to an actual gym

This idea is a little crazy to me, but Jack was able to find gyms in the Philippines and Thailand for $1.50 – $5 per day! They usually had a few weights and machines-bare minimum equipment, but hey, it gets the work done. If you can not find a gym, Jack also took some resistance bands which were a great way to make your own work out in your own hotel. 

Travel Fitness Tips-Who Needs Maps


Try a new adventure, like Canyoning or climbing waterfalls!

Canyoning is more of a specific adventure sport found in certain destinations. We went inDa Lat, Vietnam. Canyoning is a great way to get physical in the outdoors by repelling down waterfalls, bouldering, hiking, cliff jumping, and flowing down the rivers. It helps with your arm strength, leg power, and hey, you gain a bit of an adrenalin rush too! It is definitely good fun, and we would happily do it again.

Jack Canyoning_Da Lat_Vietnam_Fitness While Traveling


Go kayaking or canoeing

We are definitely ocean people. We love to grab a boat or a kayak and explore the oceans and secert coves along the coasts. We have gone kayaking in several countries and it really is a great am work out… unless one of us is doing all the work (ehem, jack). We went kayaking in El Nido, in Vang Vieng, Dubrovnik in Croatia (and along the Game of Thrones Kings Landing) and my goodness, our arms went to mush!

We were so sore afterward, we almost felt like our arms would become as big as Arnold Schwarzenegger. But what better work out than being in the middle of the ocean or river enjoying some unreal scenery? Not too shabby, I’d say!

Kayaking Asia_Fitness While Traveling_Who Needs Maps

staying fit while traveling kayaking croatia


My Aussie Man, Jack, follows his stereotype and loves to surf. Me? Not so much. I would love to learn, but I am just too uncoordinated or ungraceful when it comes to the ocean and surfing.

We took surf lessons in Hawaii and Indonesia (well, I took surf lessons, Jack just laughed at me). Paddling, standing on the board, maintaining your balance and actually surfing the wave is a lot of hard work. Its a lot harder than it looks! It is a great anaerobic and aerobic exercise for your body. Your arms end up feeling like limp noodles and your abs might as well be your next surfboard! 

staying fit while traveling surfing

You have the best (free!) tools to get some great exercise! Your legs! Walk around to explore what cities have to offer. We spent the whole day in Hanoi, Vietnam, Pakse, Laos, Angkor Wat, Cambodia and others walking around to discover the charm, some temples, markets, and attractions cities have to offer! If you download Triposo (an app that you can download full countries and you have access to it without WIFI), you will get walking maps of attractions. Meaning, it will provide you with a map of attractions that you can walk to in 2 miles and it tells you the time!


Stumbled on this gem when roaming around the city in Vientiane!


What is your favorite activity to squeeze your work out during the day?


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