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We have always wanted to go fishing and catch our own dinner. There is just something cool about saying, “Ya, we caught it!” And it was. We went fishing in El Nido, PalawanWe asked a few tour companies to see if they had a tour for what we were looking for. Most of them left at 5am (the prime fishing time) or they were just really absurdly expensive.

So we took matters into our own hands and created our very own fishing tour with the help of a tour company. (The company loved our tour so much and saw how much we enjoyed it that he is going to start offering it to others!).

Anyways, we were able to organize our very own private boat, hooks and strings (the budget friendly fishing rod), squid as bait, two guides, utensils, rice, soy sauce, and all the necessities to make a little fire and grill all on our own private island. All of this was 2,000 Peso, or $50 USD together. Unreal, right?

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We planned this whole thing pretty late so we embarked on our epic dinner adventure at 5 pm… aka not prime fishing time. When we asked to go around 5pm, the owner actually laughed at us saying there is no chance to catch something at this time.

So, naturally we were a bit doubtful so we bought our own fish prior to fishing just in case so we could still cook it on the island (can’t waste the whole experience, right?). And off we sailed to the middle of the ocean, deep enough where hopefully some fish would soon become our dinner.

Our guides were awesome! They helped us set up our rods” with weights so it could sink to the bottom with a tiny piece of squid as bait. Then we casted the “rods” into the ocean and waited.

And by waited I mean 2 minutes because we already got our first ‘snag’!!!

I caught the first fish (it was pretty big, not to toot my own horn) and Jack got jealous. AND IT WAS ON! We started to get really competitive on who caught the most and biggest fish. I caught one, he caught one, then I caught another one, then he caught another one.

El Nido_Palawan_Fishing_Who Needs Maps

The guides were slightly in awe!

Obviously, there were some quite moments, but after a good two hours of fishing, we caught 15 little red snappers! 15!! And yes, I’ll admit it, Jack at the last moment caught the biggest fish, but I caught the most!

The best part of the experience was the scenery. While we were fishing, we had the chance to watch the sunset go down below the ocean. Unbelievable. After the sunset, you could just stare at the sky for hours. Have you ever seen one of those Disney movies and they pan up to the dark sky and it is just filled with millions of bright stars? And you can’t help yourself but ask there is no way that is real?

Well, in El Nido it is exactly that. We have never felt more relaxed.

Sunset_El Nido_Palawan_Philippines_Who Needs Maps

After the sun had set and we gazed amongst the stars, we left to go towards the little island to cook our dinner. This island had a little cave, fire pit and grill set up. We cut up some veggies for the salad, prepared the fish and on the grill they went! And YUM!! The fish just came right off the bones. We didn’t even need the big fish we bought because we caught so many!



The big one is not one of our catches…

When we got back to the tour company, we had about 7 little fishies left and since we were full, we would just hand the rest out to people along the beach. They all loved it because the fish WE caught were that good! Again, not trying to toot our own horn, but they were awesome.

The best part was the owner laughed at us when we told him we caught 15 fish. He was showing off his staff, pointing and laughing at our little pathetic fish.

We’re still not sure if he was laughing because he was so impressed with how many we caught or by how excited we were to catch such tiny fish. We loved fishing in El Nido, Palawan and had a blast. Fish your own food—it’s good fun!



Have you ever gone fishing? Where was your best fishing experience?

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