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The great debate is over – The Ultimate Beer Price Comparison chart is HERE!

When we travel, we always love a good beer. Living in both America and Australia and then backpacking Southeast Asia, we have found a vast variation in beer prices. That is why we decided to put together the most important infographic in the world, the ultimate beer price comparison guide!

Australia and Scandinavia beer prices were some of the highest we have seen, while Vietnam beer prices were the lowest (One time we bought 6 beers for a $1.50, so naturally we asked for 10 more, please!). It is crazy to think a beer in Norway is upwards of $10 USD!

We hope this has helped you plan your next get away and aid you to estimate how much money you need to meet your beer and party consumption needs. Beer is a big part of your travels, right? Nothing better to end your day exploring with a nice, cold, bubbly beer!

Surprisingly this works really well when you are backpacking on a tight budget! So where does your country rank? Leave a comment below about your beer buying experiences.

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