Angkor Wat Pictures - Photo Essay

We spent a wonderful day at the amazing Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We arranged a tuk tuk for the full day for $15 and paid for a 1 day park pass for $20 each. Not bad! We woke up early, like 4 am early, to watch the “must see” sunrise over Angkor Wat. Although we woke up early, there was no sun rise, just clouds! Nonetheless, it was truly remarkable.

Most people have told us to go early in the morning and leave the temples around 11 because it just gets so hot, but because it was quite cloudy, we were able to really milk our day and get some awesome Angkor Wat pictures! We were there from 5am to 1:30pm! A day well spent! Make sure you check out a map and plan your day.

Some Facts:

– Angkor Wat is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most important temples in Southeast Asia.

– Angkor Wat is on the Cambodian Flag and on the Reil (their currency).

– Angkor Wat Temples are more than 50% of the reason people travel to Cambodia.

– Angkor Wat is also the largest religious monument in the world.

– Angkor Thom had a small role in Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie.

– The bricks used to build the temples were bound by a vegetable compound rather than mortar



Angkor Wat pictures - Sunrise

Our attempted sunrise over Angkor Wat

Jack and Jenn - Angkor Wat

The bandaid has made another appearance

One - Angkor Wat

Statues - Angkor Wat pictures

BW Angkor Wat pictures

Stacked rocks - Angkor Wat pictures

Stacked balanced rocks

Angkor Wat pictures - Behind Bars

Angkor Wat pictures Ruins

Many heads were cut off from the temples and sold to collectors



Jack at ta prohm - Angkor Wat pictures

Giant tree on ta prohm - Angkor Wat pictures

Ta Prohm Tree Temple - Angkor Wat pictures

Tomb Raider ;)

Tree Temple - Angkor Wat

Ta Prohm Temple - Angkor Wat pictures

Angkor Wat pictures - Anchor What Tomb Raider

Angkor Wat pictures - Tomb Raider scene

Angkor Wat pictures - Wat at Ta Prohm



Jack - Angkor Wat

Jenn - Angkor Wat

Aspara dancers - Angkor Wat pictures

Angkor Wat - Jack and the Monk



Angkor Wat pictures - molding

Angkor Wat pictures - Aspara Dancers

Angkor Wat Aspara Dancers

Statue - Angkor Wat


Do you have any Angkor Wat Pictures? Share them with us?


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