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Thank you to Angela’s Travels, for the nomination. We loved learning about you and the places you want to revisit! We are excited to write about this, because there are several places to travel that we would love to see again.

Together, we have traveled to several different countries and every experience we had was a new and exciting one. Some places we could happily revisit purely for the amazing experiences we had, but others we would revisit just for redemption. Things happen, so there is no point of holding a grudge against a country’s faults that was out of our hands. We accept things the way they come, because every experience is an experience on its own! But hey, here are 5 cities we would happily revisit and some to redeem our previous experience.


1 – Hanoi, Vietnam

We spent one very full on day in Hanoi but we wish we could have spent longer. We felt Hanoi was the Melbourne of Southeast Asia. It was filled with beautiful and friendly people, delicious and cute coffee spots, tons of museums, a super charming city center, and tons of fun it is definitely one of our recommended places to travel abroad as well as revisit.

We spent one whole day in Hanoi exploring four museums, three little cafes, and a tiny street restaurant with 25 cent beers! We could have stayed for ages but with time, we unfortunately couldn’t. We would happily go back!

Vietnamese Coffee - places to travel abroad

mmm Vietnamese Drip Coffee!


2 – Phuket, Thailand {REDEMPTION}

We have heard some of the most amazing things about the beaches and nightlife in Phuket. However, we would have absolutely no idea what Phuket looks like. We were locked in our rooms for the whole two days we had with the worst food poisoning. No joke, the worst! It would definitely be nice to revisit Phuket to, you know, actually see it.

…. no pictures because… well, we didn’t see Phuket! :(


3 – Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang was one of the most beautiful cities we explored in Southeast Asia. The entire city of Luang Prabang is a UNESCO Heritage site, so there are plenty of things to do and see. We were taken aback by the Kuang Si Falls.

The color was something we have never seen before! We also found a secret passageway to get to this secret waterfall pool and it was so unbelievably serene! Plus, there is a cute little night market in the city where you can buy all sorts of goodies such as wallets, shirts, and painted coffee bags! It was such a great city to explore by bike as well!

Places to travel abroad - Kuang Si Waterfalls

Kuang Si Falls


4 – White Haven Beach, Australia {REDEMPTION}

White Haven Beach is one of the worlds most famous beach wonders! With white sand and turquoise waters, a day here would be serenity at its finest and is preached as one of those places to travel abroad before you die!

However, when we went, our tour company failed to mention that our boat to sail the Whitsundays was out of commission 4 months before hand. So instead of sailing and grilling yummy seafood at White Haven for the whole day, we only had 2 hours. The 2 hours were filled with a freezing, down pour of rain, no sailing, and a massacre of sand fly bites. We know it should be beautiful, so we are looking forward to going back!

White Haven beach - Australia - places to travel abroad

White Haven Beach? More like Gray Haven Beach :(


5 – San Diego, USA

We went to San Diego several years ago to see DJ Morgan Page at the Hard Rock Hotel Summer Pool Party. Since we both love music, it was such a perfect way to spend a nice California day out. We enjoyed some great music, strong drinks, and delicious ribs, but there was much more to see. We would love to go back and see the San Diego beaches and attempt to surf there!

San Diego - places to travel abroad

Watching Morgan Page perform in San Diego :)

Thank you to Booked.netTop Destinations to Go There and Angela for giving us the opportunity to share our top 5 places we would like to revisit. We loved reading everyone else’s and can’t wait to read the next 5!


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We hope you guys are ready to share your top 5 places to revisit :)


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